We provide tailored genetic-programs and ancillary services to our clients in the Cannabis Field to optimize production, lower costs and improve process efficiency.


In vitro mass propagation

Generate high number of genetically identical plants in less amount of time 


Utilized to rapidly multiplying plant stock material to produce plants at larger scale in a short span of time while maintaining the genetic uniformity (true to type).


A well designed biologically active environment to grow plant cells, tissues, and organs to expand growth on industrial scale. 


Genetic Clean-up

Our technology for Detection and Diagnostics (Cleaning) of plants from Pathogens to produce virus-free, pest-free and disease-free plants.

Methods Efficient, Rapid, and Sensitive Detection of Plant pathogens using advanced molecular tools like Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), Quantitative Real-time PCR (qrt-PCR). Our aim early detection and prevention: reduction in yield and constituents, inferior product quality, and economic loss.
Virus/viroids Common symptoms:  Mosaic leaf pattern, Crinkled leaves, Yellowed leaves and Plant stunting.
Bacteria Common symptoms:  vascular wilt, necrosis, soft rot, and tumours.
Fungi Common  symptoms: all white and true rusts, smuts, needle casts, leaf curls, mildew, sooty molds, and anthracnoses; most leaf, fruit, and flower spots; cankers; blights; scabs, root, stem, fruit, and wood rots; wilts; leaf, shoot, and bud galls; and many others.
Pests Common pests:  Aphids,  Leaf miners, Whiteflies, Earwigs, Cutworms, and Mealybugs etc.

Pathogen Detection


Methods Utilizing various Plant Tissue Culture methods to eliminate detected pathogens.
Meristem culture Culture of the continuous dividing cells of meristem tissues to eliminate 99.9 percent of endophytic pathogens.
Embryo rescue To assist the development of plant embryos that might not survive to become viable plants.
Thermo/Heat/Cryo/Chemotherapy Utilizing various agents to eliminate/ eradicate endophytic pathogens present in plant tissues.
Somaclonal variation Employment of molecular markers to screen out somaclonal variations. 

Tracking somaclonal variation



Application of various breeding approaches for the improvement of specified traits or variety. 

Ploidy manipulation

✔ Triploid Induction Seedless & sterile varieties.

✔ Double haploid Complete homozygosity in very short span of time

✔ Polyploid induction Noval varieties with superior agronomic traits

Marker assisted (Non-GMO)

Indirect selection of alleles utilizing markers associated to desired genes.

Plant Sex screening

Early detection of sexes of plant to save time and increase production. 

Gene Bank

Biorepository to preserves desired genetic materials.


Conserve the genetic traits of commercially valuable species of plant. No more maintaining old mother plants!


Cryopreservation allows us to safe long-term genetic without risk of genetic alteration.

Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS)

Genotyping & DNA Fingerprinting

NGS is used to determine the order of nucleotides sequence of DNA and RNA of entire genome of plants.


Protocol development

Tailored protocol development for clients

In vitro- Media Optimization

Each plant species has its unique nutritional requirements needed to be optimized for In vitro cultures


✔ Variety specific growing protocol

✔ On field cultivation strategy 



Our experts from various agricultural and biotechnological fields provide support and guidance in solving critical issues.

Genetia offers consultancy/advice for:

✔ Optimizing production and cost efficiency

Creating clean labs / cleanrooms

Automation,  equipment, necessities and disposables

Genetia offers training for:

✔ Media preparation

✔ Media formulation  

✔ Invitro cultivation