Value of Genetia​

About Genetia

Genetia Biosciences is a data-driven biotech company dedicated to the optimization of the cannabis plant and its applications. Our interdisciplinary team unites cannabis specialists, agronomists and plant scientists. Our main focus is on the mass production of pathogen & virus free young plants and ancillary services. With a fast-growing international client base, we are a major player in the field young plant production.


It is our aim to create something worth creating, preserve something worth preserving. We do this by relentlessly focusing on our clients’ success, and building high-quality systems with a long term vision.


We embrace learning curves; innovate, iterate, improve, and repeat in order to develop the highest standards in the Cannabis Space.


We are honest and forthright in our dealings.We measure ourselves against the highest standards of integrity and responsibility. Building trust builds the best relations.

Laboratory Check
Avid Cannabis Specialists

Our versatile team has one commonality: We have been Cannabis enthusiasts since early days with over 100 years of combined experience in the Cannabis space.

Long Term Commitment

Besides offering sterile clones, clean data and cool extraction, we are full heartedly committing ourselves to the long-term success of our customers.

Data-driven approach

Our data-driven approach allows us not only to analyze our processes, but also predict a successful path for superior, efficient and cost-effective models.

& Ethical

We are adamant in our philosophy of preserving nature and its biodiversity.


For our customers we implement Quality Assurance and Quality Control to form a rigorous Quality Management System.

We Are Collaborative

Together with academia, government and industry we build towards innovative eco-systems in the medical cannabis space.