Most frequent questions and answers

In short: Yes, we provide disease and pest free plants. Which are healthy and vigorous growing. Bottomline, healthy plants yields more than unhealthy plants. 

Yes, Tissue culture clones are true-to-type to their mother’s genetics and we homogenizing batch each batch. We are performing Geary test (test of randomness) to track somaclonal variation and on the other hand environmental stress causes of epigenetic changes in traditional nurseries.

Depending on the size and format. 3-5 weeks in general.

We are shipping plant in following methods:

  • In 24 and 48 in tray.
  • Turn-key plants in 300 ml and 1 l 

Yes, We are providing plant passport, phytosanitary for easy export out of the EU zone.

We are transferring MTS(material transfer agreement) to our customers for ownership of variety traits/biological material. 

Breeders rights will transfer to Genetia customer at time purchase plants. 

Licensing fee

1 Box,  24 plants