We strongly believe in building Eco-systems.

Shieer group

SHIEER Group has more than 20 years of experience in finding innovative, efficient and effective concepts for complex themes in energy, water and agriculture.

By using old and new theories and successfully translate these into effective products of organic origin, we can offer relative cheap solutions to the nowadays problems in these markets.
We are addressing the environmental and economical responsibility of our customers by offering our innovations to improve their environmental and economical performance.

Grow City

Grow City has exclusive distribution of somaclones and pre-grown young plants for the Czech and Slovak market. With access to more than 120 sales outlets, Grow City is the major player in the B2B Grow segment. The Growcity.cz Garden Center is the largest distributor, wholesaler and retailer for indoor, outdoor, organic growing and hydroponics in Central Europe. In this amazing industrial building of the former Letov factory in Letnany, Prague, the Growcity Shop offers presentation showrooms of leading brands on an area of over 3,500 m2. With 5,000+ items in stock for gardeners and growers for immediate retail and wholesale.

Can Hub

Can-Hub specialists draw on over 135 years of experience raising both yields and quality in all kinds of crops. In conjunction with their partners, they invest in innovation and develop cultivation methods using the latest cannabis technology.

Other partners

Academic and Private Research

Genetia Biosciences’ extensive Academic and Private Research and Development Network enables rapid development of solutions and applications to the Medical Cannabis Market. Our Collaborative approach ensures cross pollination across multiple fields and offers our customers the most effective and latest technical solutions.