Genetia BioSciences is using Plant Tissue Culture technology for rapid mass propagation  of young plants  

✔ No need for Vegetative area’s

✔ Higher output / m2

✔ Lower operational cost

✔ Healthier/Vigorous growing crop

✔ No need for pesticides

✔ Lower Risk

✔ Homogeneity

✔ Bottom line

Plant Tissue Culture

Mass Production of Young Plants Using Plant Tissue Culture techniques.

✔  Pest free 

✔ Disease-free

✔ Pesticide free

In vitro rooted plants

Culture tube

Suitable for global shipment

Stock Plants In vitro

Culture vessel

Clean stock for Nurseries and Seed companies

Rooted & Acclimatized plants

48 plants on tray

Sterilized Plug: 20mmx20mm

| Rockwool | Coco-Peat | Polymer |

Rooted & Acclimatized plants

24 plants on tray

Sterilized Plug: 40mmx30mm

|Rockwool | Coco-Peat | Polymer|

Turn-key plants

We also offer turn-key plants, pre-vegged under optimal conditions, that will require just 2-3 days of acclimatisation before switching to generative phase. By using pre-grown young plants, the customer can eliminate the vegetative phase to save time and reduce the in-house growth cycle time.

300 ml block

Rockwool & Coco-peat


1 Liter Block

Rockwool 1l